Humantecar® and FISI, Italian Winter Sports Federation

2 December, 2019 - Categories: News Sport

Throughout many years of collaboration with the FISI and our participating in many international results, Humantecar® is again looking forward to a season that presents itself with some of the great talents of Italian skiing.

The decision of FISI to bring HCR 1002 , the latest generation of Tecar therapy, to all competitions is a huge advantage, not only for emergencies, but also for faster muscle recovery after exhausting workouts.

Dr. Andrea Panzeri, internationally renowned orthopedic doctor and National Medical Director of the Alpine Ski, appreciates the features of our technologies. Most notably, the ease of handling, which allows you to always have at hand a lightweight but very powerful technology. In several cases, HCR 1002 has been able to change the fortunes of an athlete during competition, instances that could have been compromised due to injury.

If it’s not called Humantecar® it will never give the results of Humantecar®.

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