Human Tecar, "Manhattan Transfer" and K-State

24 November, 2016 - Categories: Events

They came to Italy for a seminar on the new Human Tecar technologies: Cliff and Karol Rovelto, both from Kansas State University, which as we know is a hub of academic and athletic excellence. (As such, Nike has long been investing in the Manhattan campus that gave us so many elite athletes, particularly in high jumping).

Manhattan, not as in George Gershwin, Dos Passos and Woody Allen, naturally, but as in country music and the Wizard of Oz… Truth be said, Cliff, head coach in track & field and USA Master Coach in high-jumping with an amazing career (that began in 1979 and took him to over 30 years on staff at his alma mater, where he is director of cross country and track & field; he was also Assistant Men’s Coach for USA at the 2016 Olympic Games and authored many books on track & field, high-jumping drills etc.), works some major magic of his own that would have impressed Dorothy.

It certainly impressed Karol Damon Rovelto, formerly one of the Top 5 US high jumpers (her last Olympics were in 2000) and now herself a coach and director of operations at K-State Track & Field, who went from being Cliff’s coachee to wife and professional partner. For the past ten years and more, the Roveltos have been using Human Tecar. The Italian seminar of a few days ago, however, was a veritable turning point, a change in pace in our relations with the prestigious US university: Cliff and Karol were able to follow an in-depth presentation of the Human Tecar vibration sound system and proprioceptive mats, which they will transfer to the campus in Manhattan, KS – the ‘Manhattan Transfer’ we mentioned – for a revolutionary training project of HCR + ViSS + Mats that will be used on their athletes, particularly in high jumping.

After the theoretic segment of the seminar, on the Human Tecar MO and its synergic stimulation of three systems – emo-lymphatic circulation, neuromuscular system and proprioception – by means of our new-generation technologies, Cliff and Karol witnessed total-body treatment on international ballet dancer and choreographer José Perez, and were eventually able to enjoy total-body treatment themselves (manual/HCR/ViSS and Human Tecar Mats) by Human Tecar specialist Stefano Bettoni. In a word – Cliff Rovelto’s –: “heavenly”.


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