Hiit Ballet premieres its own web site

19 January, 2018 - Categories: Events Getting back into shape

Jose Perez’ revolutionary training choreography is a veritable method: not unlike Human Tecar, it beneficially affects the body in a systemic yet non-aggressive manner. Employing a combination of HIIT and ballet techniques on a circuit of Human Tecar Mats, it gets the dancer to constantly restore his or her balance by means of proprioceptive exercise. This is an essential tool for the ballet professional yet just as crucial for anyone wishing to improve strength, posture, resilience, muscle tone and balance safely and effectively, without injuring one’s joints.

We have already discussed Hiit Ballet and Hiit Ballet Fit (the version for gyms and fitness centers) on our web site, as Jose also did on his own, highly popular Italian site. Like any self-respecting star, however, in view of its huge success both in the world of ballet and that of fitness, the time has come to give Hiit Ballet… its own “dressing room”, i.e. its own space on the Internet. In other words, its own web sitewww.hiitballet.com –, where the growing number of individuals and organizations who are interested in the method will find detailed information on how to access Hiit Ballet and where and when to attend Jose Perez’ and his Master Trainers’ workshops and courses. The new site is already up and running, and we trust you like it and above all, find it extremely useful!

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