Gymmo, Milan. The barefoot proprioceptive on Humantecar® MATs.

27 February, 2020 - Categories: News

The objective of Moira Fagotto, owner of the most innovative gym in Milan, is customizing exercise and measuring results carried out on Humantecar®'s special technologies. Any single proprioceptive activity is evaluated, corrected and measured of by very specialized technicians, to ascertain the benefits of barefoot proprioceptive activity.

The meeting about this issue among Mauro Testa, bio-mechanic with an international experience, Filippo Camaschella, therapist specialized in high-level sport and José Perez, ballet dancer and creator of Hiit Ballet® Method, was very interesting, allowing new synergies to improve exercises on the platforms.

We thank Moira Fagotto for the hospitality and express our gratitude to Filippo Camaschella who was the intermediary.

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