French Lessons: from Moissy-Cramayel to double gold in Bordeaux

23 February, 2017 - Categories: Sport

In December 2016, we did a training course on Human Tecar at a physiotherapy practice in Moissy-Cramayel, three quarters of an hour’s drive southeast of Paris. The trainee was an experienced local physio called Guillaume Barillé – the personal physiotherapist of Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, 25-year-old French national champion in the 110m hurdles with a superb track record – 4 international gold medals and 5 national ones (at least up to last December). PML, as his countrymen like to call him (also standing for “performance, mastery and leadership”), suffered a back injury early on in the summer season of 2016, which may have contributed to his missing the bronze in Rio by a very narrow margin.

The December course was held by Human Tecar Specialist Alessandro Bellanca, and everything was put in place so that Pascal could get Human Tecar treatment and back into top shape. The address itself seemed like a good omen: Guillaume works in Allée des Prés Fleuris, “Avenue of Blooming Meadows”. The training course was highly appreciated and PML started the new year in style: Sunday, February 19, 2017, he was crowned French national champion in the 60m hurdles at the Athletics Championships in Bordeaux, in 7 seconds 52. His tenth gold, confirming the performance, mastery and leadership of PML and… Human Tecar.

That’s not all: we went from ‘blooming meadows’ to the Forest of Fontainebleau, a little southeast of Moissy-Cramayel, where we held a second training course this month of February 2017, followed by assistance to four athletes, at the superb Citésports sports complex, part of the Centre National des Sports de la Défense. The athletes, all French, were Florian Carvalho, Rénelle Lamote, Floriane Gnafoua and Carole Zahi.

Floriane Gnafoua, in particular, needed to recover from an injury of the plantar aponeuroses, in early January, which had caused a decline in performance. After the course (trainer: Alessandro Bellanca; on-premise physio: Thomas Fouché) and Human Tecar treatment sessions, Floriane Gnafoua stunned spectators on Saturday, February 18 in Bordeaux, in the 60-meter sprint, grabbing the gold in 7 seconds 21 and beaming to interviewers: “I was worried about this race, since I’d just been injured. Instead, I clocked two good times and qualified for the European Championships in Belgrade, so I’m really very, very happy.”

On balance (injury in early January; Human Tecar therapy for less than two weeks; race in mid-February), there’s plenty to feel happy about. In fact, to feel your best, fast. “Très, très vite.”

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