10 September, 2019 - Categories: Corporate News

What do these four letters mean?
For our company, they represent a mission.

Since many years we are devoting our commitment to developing state-of-the-art physiotherapy treatments to guarantee results quickly, actually, FAST.

We were born in the world of sport and we have achieved top-level results, and we made them available to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, also thanks to the continuous attention to scientific research.

But we won't stop here.
Today these same surprising results are available to everyone, and everyone can gain the same benefit: from the child to the elderly, from the professional athlete to the employee.

We have a deep history, made up of Olympic medals and world records.
A story made of Formula One, Moto GP and Frecce Tricolori.
A story made up of "ordinary" people who recover an unexpected healthy condition.
A story made of results that only we can tell.

So, what does F A S T mean? F A S T means TECAR and TECAR is only HUMANTECAR.

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