DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and Human Tecar [CLINICAL CASE]

9 January, 2018 - Categories: Acute and chronic pain

The tenderness, stiffness and/or muscle pain a given individual feels a few hours after strenuous exercise – particularly after new workout routines and new training programs – is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). The soreness in question, erroneously ascribed to lactic acid, is actually caused by microlacerations (microtrauma or small-scale damage) of muscle tissue, due to eccentric contraction, which damages muscle cell membranes, triggering inflammation and therefore, pain. Following is a documented report on a particular clinical case, as testified by Dr. Maurizio Mughetti of the Centro Mughetti Fisioclinic in Cesenatico, further to Human Tecar treatment sessions performed by Nicola Mughetti.

Type 1A
Functional muscle disorder: onset was acute and indirect, with no evidence in NMR and ultrasound scan. It is often associated with a circumscribed, longitudinal increase in muscle tone caused by overload, change in playing surface or training protocols, which can predispose the individual to possible muscle tear or damage.
Symptoms: Muscle stiffness; tends to increase if exercise continues. May trigger pain at rest; manifests itself during or after exercise.
Clinical Signs: Acute, widespread, endurable pain with circumscribed increase in muscle tone; athlete reports muscle strain.
Ultrasound Scan and Magnetic Resonance: Negative.

Type 1B
More generalized pain, triggered by unaccustomed motions, deceleration or eccentric contraction.
Symptoms: Acute inflammatory pain. Pain manifests itself at rest, for several hours subsequent to exercise.
Clinical Signs: Edematous swelling, stiffness of the muscles. Limited ROM (Range of Motion) in adjacent joints. Pain upon isometric contraction. Stretching brings relief. It is circumscribed to the entire muscle or muscle group.
Ultrasound Scan and Magnetic Resonance: Negative or merely edema.

Amateur athlete, 52 years of age, resumes activity after a one-month break. At the end of the first training session, reports sudden subpopliteal pain in left leg. 48 hours later, patient undergoes ultrasound scan, due to the persistence of pain and corresponding functional impotence. Ultrasound is integrated with color Doppler ultrasound imaging and elastosonography.

Widespread, increased echogenicity of twin muscles in prepopliteous area, fasciae not highly visible, no fibrillary disconnection or accumulation of fluid

Color Doppler ultrasound imaging examination does not indicate alterations in vascularization

Elastosonography shows evident infiltration of fluid: green and purple color

Healthy contralateral side, with regular muscle morphology: red color

1B DOMS is diagnosed and treatment is prescribed, consisting in two sessions with HUMAN TECAR HCR1002, 48 hours apart, as per the following protocol:

- 25’ treatment per session
- 5’ in medium/high intensity resistive mode in the area of lymph node stations of the popliteal cavity and subgluteal district
- 10’ in athermal 10-15 VA capacitive mode on the sensitive area (where soreness is evident)
- 5’ in athermal 10-15 VA capacitive mode on the inside of the leg, in the area of venous and lymphatic return
- 5’ in athermal 10-15 VA capacitive mode on the inner thigh

Complete functional recovery at the end of the second session. Patient resumes regular exercise and activity.

Thanks to its antiedemigenous effect and its capacity to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system, the use of Human Tecar HCR1002 allows therapist to halve recovery time in DOMS lesions, whose specific characteristic is edematous infiltration with no associated fibrillary lesions.

Final examination after two sessions with Human Tecar HCR1002: regular muscle morphology is restored

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