TOWER RUNNING - Cristina Bonacina touches the sky... running

28 November, 2018 - Categories: Events News Sport

A sport that it is not so famous but certainly it is the one of the most demanding where the athletic training must be at its best and the body has to be able to climb skyscrapers and towers from Guinness heights, running.

And Cristina Bonacina is the most important italian“testimonial”. In the last race of the Tower Running Cup, which took place in Ljubjana last 17th of November, she arrived in the third position, climbing the 459 steps of Kristalna Palaca 3 times.

A career that began in the "distant" 2007 and he remains since then one of the most important athletes, even in competitions with younger runners, because her optimal physical condition, considering the effort and the constant muscular stress, allowed her to reach difficult and challenging goals. Thanks to a strict preparation planning, using HumanTecar® technologies and know-how and studied by the physiotherapist Stefano Punzo, the treatments have always been personalized and well balanced. Neuromuscular stimulation with SYNERGY VISS has been integrated with tecar therapy sessions using HCR 1002, useful for reactivating the circulatory system, and with proprioceptive activity on the HumanTecar® MATs, for a 100% whole body workout.

Congratulations Cristina for this success and for the others to come!


#feelyourbest at the TOP!


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