CONFERENCE - The University of Chieti hosts the third edition of its International Update in Rehabilitation

9 July, 2018 - Categories: Events

On June 28 and 29, one of Italy’s premier forums in medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation – CUMFeR (“Centro Universitario di Medicina Fisica e Riabilitativa”) of the “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara –, hosted the 15th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference and third edition of the International Update in Rehabilitation.

Professor Raoul Saggini, who heads CUMFeR and is a world-renowned authority in the field, calls the event an “international hub for exchanging views and data”, information on methods, analyses and clinical cases in the rehabilitation sector. In the course of the two-day event, Italian lecturers compared notes with academics hailing from such countries as Spain, Poland and Japan, aiming to identify and develop the most effective therapeutic approaches possible for patients.

Human Tecar® not only featured as exhibitor, but was also at the forefront of a research paper presented by Claudia Barbato, MD, Clinical Tutor and Lecturer at the University’s Physical Therapy Department: our Viss technology took center stage in Dr Barbato’s work, titled “Square-wave, focused, acoustic-mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic stimulation of microcirculation in the treatment of subjects suffering from sarcopenia”. The presentation proved extremely interesting and highlighted the beneficial effects of Human Tecar® Viss in treating patients with age-related reduction in skeletal muscle mass, a major cause of frailty and weakness in the elderly.

Human Tecar® stands for avant-garde physical therapy. And more.

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