THERAPY - Chronic pain from limb panthom. An unparalleled case in Spain

13 December, 2018 - Categories: Disability HCR News Synergy Viss

A well-earned award to the results obtained by dr. Antonio Mora del Río with the support of HumanTecar® technologies.

We are talking about the extraordinary case of a young man, Antonio Llamas, struck by an electric discharge of over 15,000 Volts and still living by a miracle. However, he had to undergo the amputation of both arms, the right leg and three fingers of the left foot.

The severe panthom limb pain he suffered from disappeared after only few sessions, thanks to treatments on the neuromuscular system with SYNERGY VISS and on the circulatory system with HCR 1002, avoiding taking painkilling drugs. The patient was thus able to start using innovative and technological prosthesis just few months after the accident.

On the occasion of the XVIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of World Traumatology (SETLA), held in Barcelona last November, the Fraternidad-Muprespa (the Spanish INAIL) obtained the award for the best clinical case presented.

The speakers, María Victoria Serrano, specialist doctor in Familiar Medicine, Inmaculada Rodríguez, deputy territorial coordinator and Andrés Molina, General Medicine doctor, with the coordination of dr. Antonio Mora del Río, Head of Sports Medicine of the Quiron Salud group, explained in detail the mode of action and the results in the treatment of chronic pain, also attracting the interest of national newspapers and TV.

Even the general public was able to learn how to effectively manage painful syndromes without the use of drugs.

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