AERONAUTICS - Congratulations Lieu. Colonel Centioni of the 61st Flight Formation!

6 August, 2018 - Categories: Events

Passage of the baton of the command of the 61st Flight Formation of the Italian Air Force. In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Centioni, just during an exercise in flight with the other pilots of the 212 ° Gruppo Volo, has been awarded with such a charge, an important recognition that will lead him to guide the flight training of the students pilots of the Italian Air Force, of the other Armed Forces and of the allied / partner countries.

In particular, the 212th Group will take care, inside the Military Airport of Galatina, from the '45 know as Flying School, of the IV phase of the training, the "pre-operational" of the military pilots suitable for aerotactic lines. This phase, carried out with the T346A aircraft and called "Lead In to Fighter Training - LIFT", is preparatory and it is necessary for the operational conversion at the air defense lines, to support ground troops, reconnaissance and advanced defense.

A preparation that is not only tactical but also physical, supported by our Human Tecar methodology which, with the aim of bringing the body back into balance in a natural way, perfectly matches the need of professional pilots to maintain optimal stability and fitness. An ability to counteract air power with one's muscular power.

We wish Lieutenant Colonel Centioni good luck for this new experience.

A #feelyourbest even on flight!

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